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Sakurakawa Octopus

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Sakurakawa octopus cooking method:
  1. White-boiled cooking: Rinse with water without natural thawing. Natural thawing will also affect the quality. Pure water will be boiled at maximum heat without adding any materials. Then boil 250g of Sakurakawa octopus in a wok for 5-8 seconds , And then regardless of any sauce to dip personal taste choices. The amount is less and the blanching time is shorter. The sashimi eating method 100g-150g Sakurakawa octopus blanching time is about 6 seconds, put it in clean ice water and pick it up.
  2. Stir-fry cooking: It is not necessary to thaw naturally with soft water. If it thaws naturally, it will also affect the quality. Drain the water. Stir well with the vegetables before cooking for about 1 minute. Salt, then other seasonings are all personal.
  3. Smooth-boiled cooking: Rinse with water without natural thawing. You can also cut one leg into 2 sections without salt, put some soy sauce white pepper powder with sugar, chicken essence, and boil the water.
  4. Hot pot cooking: Rinse with water and do not need to thaw naturally. If it thaws naturally, it will also affect the quality. When the bottom of the pot is boiled, boil it for about 100 seconds and immediately remove it.


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