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Breaded Oyste

Cooking methods for bread oysters:
  1. Store bread oysters at -18 ℃;
  2. In a frozen state, put bread oysters in hot oil with an oil temperature of 100 ° C, fry for 2 minutes, and then fry at 140 ° C for 4 minutes.
  3. Frosted breaded oysters can be splashed directly into the oil pan and fry, please remove frost and fry them;
  4. The fried oysters of bread are very hot, please be careful with them;
  5. Put too much breaded oysters at one time, the oil temperature will drop rapidly and cause poor frying or the risk of bread oysters bursting. Please note that too long frying time will also cause the bread oysters to burst
  6. Defrosted bread oysters are detrimental to taste and quality, please take the required amount and freeze-fry;
  7. The heating time is for reference only, there will be some differences depending on the model, the size of the pot, and the heat.
 Suggestion: Bread oysters with lettuce and any sauce according to local taste.


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